Friday October 21

19.30 - Opening Concert


The Specs On Festival opens with a celebration: The Norwegian Alpaca Ensemble is celebrating their 20th anniversary!
We'll celebrate with both a world premiere and old works by Swedish composer Karin Rehnqvist - With the comissioned work "In Orbit - a mowing quartet" for pianotrio and clarinet and her pianotrio "Beginning", in addition  to a  piece for solo clarinet adapted/processed from her clarinet concerto.

Alpaca Ensemble
Else Bø - Piano
Sigrid Elisabeth Stang - Violin
Marianne Baudouin Lie - Violoncello
Rolf Borch - Clarinets


Karin Rehnqvist
- In Orbit
- Beginning
- On a distant shore

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Saturday October 22

14.00 - Working Perspectives:
Folk Tunes, Phenomena and Koans

In this Open Workshop we will be working on a new composition by English composer Angela Slater; 'Rainbow Fires' for Piano Trio. We aim to approach this work from a practical view point, working with the composer and musicians, hoping to share part of the process of preparing a new work for performance. The workshop will culminate with a performance of this work alongside Judith Weir's 'Piano Trio Two'.

Sinead Hayes – Violin
Diana Shull - Violoncell
Seung-Eon Yoo – Piano
Nicole Batchelar – Conductor
Angela Slater – Composer

Free admission

16.00 - Concert: Contemporary Perspectives I


The flute quartet 40f wants to share their fascination and love for the sounds of the flute. Equipped with a great sense of wit, esprit and stage appearance, they guide their audience into a unique and deeply moving soundscape engaging all senses. During the fall 2016, the quartet will perform three new pieces by Swedish and American composers, in a tour that reaches both the countryside of Norway as well as Berlin.

40f - Flute Quartet
Ann Elkjär
Jill Widén
Aurore Dyé
Anna Svensdotter


Seashore - Anna Eriksson
Flykt - Anders Jormin
New Moon Morning - Mirjam Tally
In Quarto - Madeleine Isaksson

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17.30 - Work Session

No one can say there aren't any female composers. The last 20 years has seen a vast increase of rediscovered composers as well as the education of new ones. But why are they still so seldom being performed? Which norms get promoted? What are the fundamental problems that make female composers and conductors a rarity?

We invite you to a work session to share ideas, visions, problems and sollutions on how we can increase diversity in the repertoire.

Free admission

19.00 - Concert: Romantic Perspectives


Join us for a lush evening concert with romantic sounds from the turn of the last century! Chamber music and Lieder – two art forms traditionally associated with the private salons, and the craft of the female composer. Here we present a couple of these hidden masters.

Marieke Wikesjo – Soprano
Massimiliano Iezzi - Piano
Kohta Nomura – Violin
Paul Livingston – Viola
Sofia Chekalina – Violoncello


Mel Bonis
Berceuse Op 17
Cantique à Marie Op 122
3 Melodies pour tenor (ou soprano) Op 91:
- Viola
- Sauvez-moi de l'amour
- Songe

Ethel Smyth
String Trio Op 6

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21.00 - Concert: Electronic Perspectives

Maria Horn

We'll meet two very different musical expressions clashing and joining together. Stellan Veloce works in the fields of instrumental acoustic music, performance art, sound art and stage music whilst Maria W Horn's music can be described as a collision between painfully slow changing clusters and digital punk, sculpted out of the raw building blocks of electronic music. Her main influences are in genres such as digital minimalism, noise music and slow changing timbral music, i.e. Drone.

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Sunday October 23

14.00 - Concert: Contemporary Perspective II

Maria Horn

Marimba and recorder.

Sylvia Hinz is artistic director of projects like "membrana" with artist Carola Czempik. She is founding member of: XelmYa (recorder, violin, cello), Syl'Cor (recorder, piano), the bewitched project (recorder, percussion / drums), UMBRATONO (recorder, bass clarinet and others). Plays solo recitals and concerts with ensembles and orchestras, holds special interest in contemporary music and improvisation, also in unusual instrumental combinations and cooperations with other arts.

Ellen Sjö Sander is one of the very few musicians in Sweden specialising in the marimba. She regularly performs new music for marimba and percussion. One of her principal interests is seeking out more options in sound and musical expression for the marimba and developing the instrument's repertoire through collaborations with composers. The programme consists of some of the best marimba solos written in the 21st century, plus a classic piece by marimba virtuoso Keiko Abe from 1986.

Ellen Sjö Sander – Marimba
Sylvia Hinz – Recorder


Ancient Vase – Keiko Abe
Scorned as timber, Beloved of the Sky – Ellen Lindquist
LEIF – Ylva Lund-Bergner
Toccata – Anna Ignatowicz
Dance of Words – Aiko Fukushima

Ícaro – Ana Lara
Birds – Clio Montrey
Distant Fields – Nicoleta Chatzopoulou
Gräser – Violeta Dinescu
Breaking Through – Gloria Coates

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16.00 - Opera: Baroque Perspectives

Etched In My Heart


What is your greatest passion? And what are you willing to sacrifice for it?

Antonia Bembo (1640-1720) is one of the most fascinating composers in the history of music. And forgotten. She strived for her rights, fleeing a violent and unfaithful husband to pursue life in France as a composer in the court of the Sun King. But what sacrifices did she make to get there? And what is one prepared to do for your greatest love?

Inspired by Bembo's music and life story, Operabyrån has created a new and poignant performance about passion. Passion for another being, but also passion for life and art. The music which should never be silenced. Bembo's arias and music by Jacquet de la Guerre are bound together with newly composed electronic music by Mattias Petersson and a new Swedish libretto by Emma Broström.

Martin Vanberg – Tenor
Christina Larsson Malmberg – Sopran
Catalina Langborn – Baroque violin
Jonas Nordberg – Arch lute/Baroque guitar
Kate Hearne – Baroque violoncello

Antonia Bembo
Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre
Mattias Petersson

Emma Broström – Libertto
Helena Röhr – Director
Bente Rolandsdotter – Set Design & Costume
Rebecka Pershagen – Production Assistant, Communicator

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17.30 - Panel Discussion
Normalising the non-normative

How do we integrate more female composers in the repertoire – The collaboration between Stockholm Concert Hall and Swedish Association of Female Composers, KVAST, resulted in the inclusion of 30 female composers the season programme of 2016/17. And it's suppose to stay that way. Is their collaboration something we could do in Germany as well?


  • Stefan Forsberg – Intendant Swedish Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Stockholm Concert Hall
  • Astrid Pernille Hartmann – Chairperson KVAST (Swedish Association of Female Composers)

Free admission
Discussion in English

19.00 - Concert: Cultural Perspectives
The Ballad of East Meets West

– a recital on the themes of cultural appropriation, the objectification of women, and racial stereotypes.

Jean Broekhuizen – Mezzosoprano
Hannah Moss – Soprano
Emiko Okuyama – Soprano
Jess Rucinski – Piano


Sakura Sakura さくら さくら – Folk Song
Asie (from Sheherezade) – Maurice Ravel
茉莉花Jasmin Flower 清朝乾隆年間民謠 – 18th Century Folk Song
Signore ascolta (from Turandot) – Giacomo Puccini
Bluebird – 새야 새야 파랑새야
Something wonderful (from The King and I) – Rogers & Hammerstein II
I enjoy being a girl (from Flower Drum Song) – Rogers & Hammerstein II
Three little maids (from The Mikado) – Gilbert & Sullivan
Un bel di (from Madama Butterfly) – Giacomo Puccini


Barley field – Boribat – 보리밭
First skirt – Chotchima – 첫치마
Song of the birds – Saetaryung – 새타령
春思歌 Melody of Longing Spring – 黃自 Huang Tzu
那就是我 That Is me – 谷建芬 Gu Jian-Fen
Kuruka Kuruka 来るか 来るか
Wiegenlied 中国地方の子守歌
Matsushima Ondo 松島音頭
Sakura Sakura さくら さくら

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